Lelantos (Ally)

The True Shot


Background: Combat Medic [https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Combat_Medic_(5e_Background)]
Specification: Battle Medic
Personality Trait: Danger will not stop me from helping.
Ideal: Soldier: Sometimes to save a life, you must take a life.
Bond: My family medical experience inspired me to save lives.
Flaw: Sometimes I prefer to work alone.


Lelantos was born in the forest among elves; well actually he was born in Silverymoon where he was adopted by a noble in the area who taught him the ways of the Arcane Archer and ways of medicine.

After growing old enough to move out he did just that making his way through Waterdeep where he made a friend with one of the archmages in charge of the Mage’s Guild. This is what has lead him to Sossel to await for an apprentice; Gilmore.

Lelantos (Ally)

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