Somnus (Ally)

The Ascended One


Background: Monster []
Personality Trait: I love riddles and use them to understand others.
Ideal: Mercy. I wish to become a beacon of hope rather than terror. (Good)
Bond: There is a large bounty out for my hide after a specific event in my past.
Flaw: I cannot wash away the blood of those I have killed or helped kill. Even in my ascended state I still wake in the night with terror gripping my heart.

Race: Demon (WIP)
Ability Score Improvement: Charisma +2 and Constitution +1.
Age: Demons don’t die because of old age and can only be truly killed on their plane of exsistance.
Alignment: Evil almost always. There are very few examples of ascended demons.
Size: Medium.
Type: Fiend. This causes you to be weak to Radiant damage.
Speed: 30
Darkvision:Thanks to your infernal heritage, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 120 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can discern color in darkness.
Blood of the Demon: You gain resistance to Fire damage.
Frightful Aura: Proficiency in Intimidation, you cannot have proficiency in Persuasion outside of magical means.
Languages: You can read and write Common, Infernal and Abbysal.


Just looking at Somnus everyone can tell he at some point in time was a demon, but something is different about him. Something holy.

A valued friend for his constant efforts to keep the dying alive, a general loving nature and never judging people off of a single action. This attitude is what brought Sparkles the Goliath from the brink of death.

Now he is a high priority rescue for the Dragon’s Bane and even the Children of Barovia though the later has no idea where to find him. Sparkles and the Mage’s Guild however…

Somnus (Ally)

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